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Within the Christian lies a dormant secret. A knowledge that, once awoken, can unlock almost limitless power. The secret: you are the church. Whether we gather in one spot or many - you are the church. Jesus told us,  "I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it." 

That means you. You are the church. We want the church (you) to be healthy - in physical body and in spiritual.

To keep the church (you) spiritually healthy we are going to be offering:

• Small gatherings of worship, preaching and prayer for those that have a deep longing and need for it. 

Sundays at 11 and 6

Wednesdays at 6

• Gathering and delivering needs for the elderly or high-risk population.

• In-home prayer or counseling service for those that find these trying times overwhelming.

• Watch online at https://facebook/kzoobaptist

Book an in-home Bible Study. You can schedule them in your own home or ours. 


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