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Within the Christian lies a dormant secret. A knowledge that, once awoken, can unlock almost limitless power. The secret: you are the church. Whether we gather in one spot or many - you are the church. Jesus told us,  "I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it." 

That means you. You are the church. We want the church (you) to be healthy - in physical body and in spiritual.

To keep the church physically healthy we are going to heartily embrace the recommendations of our health and government officials as they continue to adjust recommendations for our physical well-being. Ideas like, social distancing, canceling of large gatherings, cleaning routines, self-quarantine, etc. Because of this good advice we will be cancelling all 11 of our normal services (but, wait! keep reading:)  

To keep the church (you) spiritually healthy we are going to be offering:

• Small gatherings of worship, preaching and prayer for those that have a deep longing and need for it. 

Sundays at 11 and 6

Wednesdays at 6

• Gathering and delivering needs for the elderly or high-risk population.

• In-home prayer or counseling service for those that find these trying times overwhelming.

Please act respectfully and do not attend if you are symptomatic.

Please act responsibly and do not attend if you are a high-risk individual

(65+, Families with small children, recently traveled, exposure to someone who may have novel coronavirus, or have underlying health conditions that could complicate your ability to fight COVID-19 successfully.

Please act resourcefully do not attend unless you have a deep longing or need to attend. We understand fellowship in worship is a critical part of a Christian's walk.


We love you! And encourage you to reach out with any need - whether or not you have attended in the past. We are still here as we try to stay spiritually and physically healthy.

Book an in-home Bible Study. You can schedule them in your own home or ours. 


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